Lord of the Flies: Study Questions

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Lord of The Flies

Chapter 1- Study Questions

1. In the beginning of the story it appears that the boys have gotten to the island a result of a plane crash. We know this because of the character Piggy.

2.In this chapter we learn that, most likely, this plane of boys where from an all boys school. During this chapter Piggy reveals that the plane was taken down as a result of some sort of engine failure.

3.During the beginning of the chapter we gradually find out the scar is the passenger cabin of the plane. In this book the image of the scar suggests that the wreck site interrupts the perfect landscape of this island.

4.To Ralph the most pleasing thing to him about the his condition on the island is the fact that there are no adults around so he is free to do as he please.

5.Piggy’s constant references to Auntie suggests that he is the sort of person that follows rules. For example, most of the things his Auntie said where rules he was made to follow.

6.Ralph simple does not have any empathy toward Piggy. Piggy see Ralph as some who is normal this normalness is something Piggy desires, so it could be said that Piggy sees Ralph as desirable.

7.The problem of how to summon the rest of the survivors was solved by Ralph blowing on the sell Piggy found. The book does not directly specify but by my count there are about fifteen to twenty two survivors.

8.I would describe Jack as a stern, instinctual leader. The book supports this in many way , the first is the fact that he was able to guide two lines of exhausted young boys to the meeting spot in an orderly fashion. Also, his disbelief when he did not get picked as the leader of the boys.

9.I think the most intelligent of the boys is Piggy. My reason for this is because right in the beginning of the book he had already been thinking of the their survival, while all Ralph was thinking of was his shirt.

10.The reason that Ralph was elected leader is stated by the narrator. “None of the...
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