Lord of the Flies Rough Draft?

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Lord of the Flies Essay
If you were a child and just got stranded on an island, how would you act? In Lord of the Flies, a group of boys got stranded on an island and they try to build a society and struggle to survive. There are many main characters that had a big influence on this.

In Lord of the Flies, Ralph could be described as a leader. He demonstrates this through his actions, such as the kids voting him as chief and him accepting this challenge. (Chapter 1, Page 23) Also, he built huts on the beach with Simon for shelters just in case it stormed. (Chapter 3) He thought it was important but to everyone else it was a waste, so Ralph and Simon built them by themselves. He was right about the storm and everyone seen that he was wise. (chapter 9, Page 152-154)

Ralph is the type of guy who would want the best for everybody. He stands up for what he wants and is fair to everybody. He tries to get along with Jack in the beginning, but Jack didn’t like Ralph from the start and was mean to him the whole time. (Chapter 1, Page 22- end)

You could additionally say that Ralph is civilized. He wants an ordered society where they can figure there way off the island.
Jack, in Lord of the Flies, is also a leader. He tries to be chief in the beginning, but was taken away by voting. (Chapter 1, Page 22) He is the leader of his choir. (Chapter 1, Page 19-20) He’s also showing it by hunting for the first time so everyone can eat something other than fruit. (Chapter 3, Page 48-49)

Jack is also greedy. When he is hunting, he kills but wants to kill more. (Chapter 4, Page 63) He gets so obsessed with it, that he paints his face with clay for camouflage. He also greed’s for power over people. When Ralph is voted chief, Jack was furious and has tried to get back at him since. (Chapter 12) `Jack is the most violent person there is on the island. He has needs for killing, after he had the adrenaline of killing...
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