Lord of the Flies Questions

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Chapter 1
1.a plane crash
2.the pilot died
3.who holds the conch is allowed to speak
4.he is the lead of the choir
5.confident and a natural leader
6.Ralph; because he won majority of the votes
8.the plane and a monster
9.he's scared to see blood
Chapter 2
10.to hunt for food
11.a snake thing; scared
12.to make a fire so a passing boat will see them
13.by Piggy's glasses
take role
14.he disappears
15.Piggy wants order and rules while the boys are chaotic and wild Chapter 3
16.the kids would have shelter if it rains and make them feel protected 17.to hunt and make shelter; they play, eat, or bathe
18.a small, black haired boy with a pointed chin; to find peace and observe the beautiful land Chapter 4
1.the 6 year old kids; play in the sand
2.to camouflage so the pigs wouldn't see them; yes
3.the fire went out
4.the hunters forgot to keep it lit
5.killing pigs; because that's how they kill the pig
6.calls a meeting
7.Jack bullies Piggy
Chapter 5
8.to figure at things; the fire, bathing,
9.no one is happy & everyone is doing their own thing
10.from their nightmares
11.he believes the beast comes out of the water
12.it’’s the only thing keeping the boys together; the boys will behave like animals 13.because he believes Ralph is not fit to be chief
Chapter 6
14.they saw the beast
15.no; it's a parachuter
16.Jack breaks one of his lens
17.it was furry, had wings, teeth, and claws, there was something moving behind its head, and it followed them by slinking behind the trees 18.Because he cares more about hunting the pig and he doesn't see the importance of tending the fire for smoke. 19.excited & confident

Chapter 7
1.He notices that his hair has grown very long and his nails are short but only because he was biting them without realizing it 2.His bedroom, books, his mother and father and ““good-humored and friendly”” feelings. 3.They reenact the killing of the pig; the...
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