Lord of the Flies Chapter Questions

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Lord of the Flies Questions
Chapters 1 – 2

1. Ralph – The protagonist of lord of the flies, chosen to be chief of the group of boys stranded on the island, works towards being rescued from the island Piggy – A smart boy but limited due to his weight and asthma, called piggy against his will Simon – A shy boy who looks out for the younger boys of the group Jack – The antagonist of lord of the flies, head of the choir who later become the hunters, has a very savage nature Sam and Eric - identical twins later known as Samneric

Maurice – One of the choir boys, known to be grinning all the time Roger – Jacks right hand man, very cruel to the younger boys The littluns – A name given to the younger group of boys on the island

2. The boys were on a plane that crashed into the island. No adults survived the plane crash while the group of boys did.

3. The conch shell that Piggy and Ralph find on the first day on the island becomes a symbol of authority in their society. When you have the conch shell you are allowed to speak while everybody else listens to you.

4. We learned from the beginning just how violent Jack was, he slashed the green candle buds for no particular reason.

5. Jack hesitates because it’s not natural for him as a British school boy to just go around killing pigs for the needs of survival. Jack learns that you need to kill the pig for the means of food not just to be cruel. He promises that "next time there would be no mercy."

6. The boys from Jack’s choir become the hunters; their job is to catch food for all of the boys.

7. One of the young boys thinks he’s seen a snake like animal that he calls a beastie; all of the littleuns are scared of this so called beastie.

8. The boys make a fire because Ralph decided that the fire could be a signal to boys in passing that there were people on the island. They make this fire by using Piggy’s glasses and the sun’s rays.

9. The boys plan for rescue failed because they didn’t plan very well. They used too much wood to have a small, manageable fire, and they never thought of a way to control the fire to keep it from getting too big. Most of the fire wood that they had found caught flame and the boys could not find wood quick enough to keep the fire going.

Chapters 3 – 4

1. Ralph is slightly responsible for the failures of the group because he had all these ideas as chief that would help the boys survive and be rescued but he did not know how to bring these ideas to life and motivate the group to contribute. He wants to make the group civilized but he cannot control all of the boys. Ralph was very idealistic and thought that everything would work and they would be saved.

2. Jack’s stay on the island has changed his for the worse. He came to the island as a reasonable boy but now he has become savage. He lives for being a hunter and all he wants to do is kill animals. He had a hard time with killing at the beginning but now that he has successfully killed a pig he becomes merciless.

3. Simon is one of Ralph's most loyal and helpful workers. Although Simon is a bit of a loner, he seeks time to himself where he can think and sometimes this makes the others think that he was weird.

4. He only throws the rocks near him because he was still under the idea that an adult would punish him and that he would have to serve the consequences of his actions which he knew were wrong.

5. Jack really wanted to kill a pig and he knew that the only way he would be able to do that would be if he had a larger group of hunters. So he takes the hunters away from watching the fire without thinking so that they can hunt together.

6. Jack painted his face as a sort of camouflage so that the pigs would not be as aware of his presence.

Chapters 5 – 6

1. The author shows us that Ralph does not like living on the island, he hates the idea of being dirty with long hair and torn clothing. Ralph becomes scared and starts to lose hope of being rescued...
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