Lord of the Flies Chapter by Chapter

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding
One day I was sitting on one side of the fireplace and my wife was sitting on the other, and i suddenly said to her, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to write a story about some boys on an island showing how they would really behave, being boy and not little saints as they usually are in children’s books” and she said “That’s a first class idea, you write it.” So I went ahead and wrote it. He did and experiment with boy’s class for the whole hour there would be no rules and no punishment for doing bad things. He said it resulted in chaos and violence and riots. “The evil of human nature”

If you scale down the group of boys they are more representative of society. Not using both girls and boys meant that that he didn’t need to include information about other things happening so he could focus more on “the evil of human nature” ABOUT WILLIAM GOLDING

* British Novelist
* Born in Cornwall, 1911, died 1993
* Studied science and English at Oxford (one of the most prestigious universities) * Fought in Royal Navy during WW2, firsthand knowledge of evil of human nature * Participated in invasion of Normandy on D-Day

* At war’s end returned to teaching and writing
* Earned Nobel Prize in Literature (1983) (most prestigious prize you can get, that’s why the novel is a Classic) Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded every year since 1901. Alfred Nobel wished that the prize would be awarded to author whose outstanding work as a whole evidences a lasting commitment to idealism and more recent the championing of human rights. “For his novels which, with the perspicuity of realistic narrative art and the diversity and universality of myth, illuminate the human condition in the world of today” (1983) Winners of the prize:

* Seamus Heaney - TS Elliot
* William Golding- Pearl Buck
* John Steinbeck- George B Shaw
* Winston Churchill- William Yeats
* Rudyard Kipling
WW2- 1939-1945
The fall of France to Nazi Germany in 1940
Britain feared an invasion and evacuated children to other countries. IN THE NOVEL- the children are being evacuated from Germany to another country, the reason ebing why there aren’t many parents. 1940- A German U-Boat torpedoed a British ship carrying children, killing the boys thus suspending the overseas evacuation program. 1939- Britain joined France in war against Nazi Germany

1940- Fall of France parallel to the book with fall of the boys * Fascist Italy joins the Axis with Germany
1941- Japan attacks Pearl Harbour causing USA to declare war on Japan and enter the war 1944- D-Day Normandy landings – William Golding was there
1945- Bombing of Dresden
* European victory celebrated
* Atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima
“It was simply what seemed simply for me to write after the war when everyone was thanking God they weren’t Nazis. I’d seen enough to realize that every single one of us could be Nazis.” * William Golding

* Golding once allowed his class of boys total freedom in a debate, but had to intervene as mayhem soon broke out. * Experiences in war
* Critical response to Coral Island by R.M. Ballanytyne
* Philosophical questions about human nature
John Hobbes
* English philosopher: 1588-1679
Man is by natural selfishly individualistic
* Man is constantly at war with other men
* The only reason we create civilization is for the fear of violent death is the sole motivation to create them * Men need to be controlled by absolute sovereignty in order to avoid brutish behaviour STORY SYNOPSIS

* Set in mid 1940’s when Europe was engulfed in war
* A plane carrying British school boys is mistake for a military craft and shot down- the pilot and adults die and the boy survive. * Only the boys survive the crash and try to form a society and govern themselves, with disastrous results * This novel was rejected by...
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