Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-4 Study Guide

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Study Guide 1 – Chapter 1
1. How did the boys end up on the jungle island?
2. Describe Ralph's physical features and also his reaction to being on the island. List at least 3 attributes. 3. Describe Piggy's physical features and also his reaction to being on the island. List at least 3 attributes. 4. How does Ralph respond to Piggy's practical suggestions to have a meeting? 5. How does Ralph think they will be rescued?

6. What had Piggy overhead the pilot saying?
7. How does Ralph attract the other boys on the island? What does he do? 8. How do the younger boys act when they get there?
9. Describe the way Jack and his band of choirboys looked as they came toward the assembled group. List at least 3 attributes. 10. How does Jack treat the others?
11. What conflict soon arises? How is it solved?
12. What does Ralph do to make Jack feel better? What is compromised? 13. What is the purpose of the expedition of Jack, Ralph, and Simon? 14. How does Simon describe the unusual buds on the bushes? 15. Why hadn't Jack been able to kill the pig?

Chapter 2
1. What rule does concerning the conch is made?
2. What does Piggy attempt to call the group's attention to? 3. How does the talk of the "beasties" affect the boys?
4. At this time, Ralph says the boys appear to have 2 goals. What are they? 5. How does the group react to Ralph's suggestion that they build a fire? How does Piggy describe their actions? 6. How does Piggy treat a small boy? What does that tell us about Piggy? 7. How do they manage to start the fire?

8. What responsibility has Jack taken on for his choir?
9. What goes wrong? Do you see any symbolism here? What is going on in the adult world at the time? 10. Who is missing?
Think about this. No need to answer: 2 things should catch your attention. 1.) What the characters symbolize and 2.) How the titles of the chapters show elements of foreshadowing. Chapter 3
1. What is Jack preoccupied with?
2. What complaints does...
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