Lord of the Flies Book vs Film

Topics: William Golding, English-language films, Lord of the Flies Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Lord of the Flies Film Review
In Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, the kids soon find themselves in a deserted island after the plane they were in crashes. The leader, Ralph, tries to call all the kids on the island by using the conch that he and piggy found. They decide that Jack and the little kids will be the hunters, but before things better Jack starts challenging Ralph’s leadership. Soon they find themselves trying to kill the “beast”, which is all in there imagination. Jack then becomes leader and tries to kill Ralph. The portrayal of the characters in the book is well discussed. You can picture them, as if they were next you. The best portrayal of characters would have to be Piggy. In the movie he is exactly how Golding pictured him. He has his glasses, chubby, and has that style of character that Golding was imagining when he created him. In the book, at the end of the story, Ralph is being chased by Jack and his hunters. Ralph runs down to the beach and sees a white figure. Soon he realizes that it is an adult, navy soldier. In the movie this scene is the same except for the part where the adult talks to the kids. I think that the music in the movie is good in some parts, but not all the time. This book is supposed to be some what futuristic. The music doesn’t satisfy the criteria needed for it to be a futuristic movie.
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