Long Term Healthcare Administration Course Work

Topics: Activities of daily living, Retirement home, Nursing home Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: March 1, 2013
HCM413 – Long Term Care Administration, Spring, 2012
Bethesda, MD

Instructions: The first section (40 points) are mandatory question/exercises for this course. Please complete them. The second section (60 points) are questions that you can choose from. Please refer to the instructions as indicated.

This exercise is a three part assignment. In the first part, you are to go to www.realage.com and take the real age assessment to check your chronological age.

Include the results of this assignment. Write a 2 paragraph summary of your findings Begin to think about what you hope to accomplish in your life. Write a 2 paragraph summary of your life goals and why they are significant to you Finally, write a 1 paragraph summary of what you want your Epitaph to be. An Epitaph is a memorial inscription on a monument.

The intention of this question is to think about what you would consider your “legacy” to be over the years. This exercise is worth 5points.

Go to www.medicare.gov and find the Nursing Home compare section. Search for a nursing home of your choosing (maybe one from your home town). Choose 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses and describe why you chose each quality indicator. Please ensure that these weaknesses and strengths are measurable metrics.

The intention of this exercise is to become familiar with comparing nursing homes for quality measures. This exercise is worth 10 points.

Retirement may be a long way off, but it’s closer than you think! Answer the following questions:

a. Where will you live? Will you be joining a retirement community, or will you be retiring elsewhere? In two to three paragraphs, tell me where you plan on retiring and what type of home you will live in and why.

b. How much money will you need in order to retire in the manner in which you would like? Use an online retirement calculator to figure how much you will need to save by the time you reach the retirement age of 67 years old. Since...
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