Topics: Learning, Study skills, Education Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Every day, people spend time to study. Study activity not only include student who are in kindergarten, primary, secondary schools and university but it cover all people who love to gain knowledge. Knowledge is really important to improve our live in terms of technology, education, economy, legislation and more. To gain knowledge, we must use various effective ways of study. Definition of study is we use some devote time or beneficial time to obtain general knowledge and intellectual skills not only on academic subject, but all facts that give us information ( Freedictionary, 2010). Besides that we set our mind or thoughts towards certain subjects by using books, internet, journal even all things that give us useful information. Some people have their own study habits which is suitable and efficient for them. According to Grace Fleming , study habits is the skills and certain way that people use throughout of their studying year that can be obtain from learning and practice process. People usually use study habits when they want to prepare for examination and academic material (Grace Fleming, 2013). Some people waits until the very last night before an examination to study, some people like to study one month before the examination and some people do not study at all or not prepare for their examination. All this study habits is depend on that person, which way is suit with them and which way is not suitable for them. There are many ways of study in term of which place is comfortable to study, what is the suitable time for study and how much to study. As examples, certain people are study where there is good indirect lighting, study in very quiet place, study on their table in room, study while listening to music and study while surfing the internet. The benefit of having study habits are, we can be well prepared to face any examination. Furthermore, we will get more understanding on topics, and use our daily time for study efficiently....
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