Living with Parents

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R:Today we are gonna have a debate on whether we should live with parents after getting married. And we’ll start from Rice stating her views.
R:I think we should live with our parents after getting married mainly for three reasons as following: 1. Living together with our parents enables us to take better care of the elders. Paying back what parents have given us is always an important part of our traditional virtue. The older our parents grow, the more they need to be cared about. It’s a responsibility to make them feel they still get attention from their children by living with them. 2.If we live together,parents can help us take care of the children and do housework. Under the pressure of the fierce competition,it’s just normal that some of the young people don’t have time and energy to take care of their own children and do housework at the same time. Working and taking care of children at the same time is really tiring, If our parents see to that kind of things,they will feel like they are still functioning in our family, not just useless old people waiting for the end of life, so it will alse alleviate the emptyness they feel after retirement. 3.It saves us the trouble of buying a new house.

In most cases, if we live with parents after getting married, we move to our parents’ house.So we don’t have to work tooth and nail to buy our new house.You know the the problem of housing has given the younger generation too much stress, but if we live with our parents, the problem has been solved. That’s all my argument.

C:However, I do not agree.I think we shoudn’t live with our parents after getting married,also mainly for three reasons. 1.It will creat a lot of family conflicts if we live together with our parents. First it’s because the generation gap.We know that as social beings, our characters and way of thinking are largely moulded by the times we live in. We live in different times and we have very different perspective when viewing things. 2.The second reason is that ,we have different lifestyle and diet. For example, our parents might prefer quietness while we young people are active and love to be rounded by excitement.Most of the seniors like to keep early hours however we younger generations tend to stay up late at night.And in food ,parents may prefer bland food,little salt,little oil while younger generations ,spoilt by Mc and KFC,would like to eat something more spicy.It’s just hard to reach a balance. 3.There’s just no privacy.

If we live with our parents, surely our freedom will be limited.For example ,if you want to you know,make out a bit with your spouse, you have to watch out in order that you do not make too much noise.And some of the parents do not have much idea that they should respect their sons or darghters privacy that they will might offend you by reading your diary, or rummaging in your drawer. So ,I stronly think we shouldn’t live with our parents after getting married.

R:I don’t agree with you.Don’t you think it’s really a must for us to live with our parents after getting married? I mean, our parents, who sacrifice more than half of life on us, should deserve our full attention and caring when they are old. We can’t just leave them alone in some remote countryside and visit them only once or twice a month. C: Definetely our parents have suffered a lot to bring us up ..and they really deserve our appreciation... but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about them if we live seperately. It's just about different ways of living..Do you think your parents will always love to live with you? Maybe some parents don't want to live in big cities where their kids live, or they want to keep their life peace and don't want others to disturb.... R:Of course we have to respect our parents’ wills.But as far as I am concerned,most parents would love to live with their sons and daughters-in-law or darhgters and sons-in-law.Elders who live by themselves are much more lonelier than...
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