Living with Art

Topics: Final examination Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Lesson 1 Assignment A

1. What is the title and edition of your text?
Tile: Living With Art.
Edition: 9th edition
2. From the "Hints for Success" section of your syllabus, list the two hints that you believe will be the most important for you to follow and state why. Active reading that help me read and understand what I have been reading, and increase the interest and knowledge in reading. Daily planning for the lesson will complete all the assignment and gain knowledge effectively. 3. How many exams are there in ARH100?

There are two exams in ARH100, midterm exam and final exam
4. Fill in the blank. You must earn an average of __60___% on the exam scores in order to pass the course. 5. What is the MINIMUM amount of points needed to earn a "B" in this course? It is 328 points.

6. How many TOTAL possible points are there in the course? There are 410 total possible points in the course.
7. Lesson 5 covers __painting_________________________.
8. Is this your first Internet course? If not, how many Net courses have you taken and where? Yes, it is my first internet course.

9. What strengths (academic and/or personal/professional) do you feel will assist you in the successful completion of this course? I am loved to read, careful to review the syllabus and the lessons, assignments timely that I feel will assist me in the successful completion of the course. 10. What challenges (academic and/or personal/professional) do you feel could impact your successful completion of this course? Studying new vocabulary, historical art, artists, view art are my challenges that will impact my successful completion of this course.
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