Livestock Farm Development

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1.Title of the Concept: Establishment of Model Research and Development Farms in Punjab

2.Location: Punjab Province, Pakistan

3.Authorities responsible for:

i.Sponsoring:Government of the Punjab, Pakistan
ii.Execution:PPP & Livestock & Dairy
Development (L&DD),Govt. of the Punjab, Pakistan


Punjab, being a thickly populated (in animal and human) province of Pakistan is contributing more than 60 % in agro-livestock based economic growth at national level.. Livestock & Dairy sector is the main segment of agro-economy playing a key role in providing major source of animal protein in shape of milk, meat and eggs to the consumers. In 2010-11 livestock constituted 11.5 % of the total GDP and accounted for about 55.1% of agricultural value added at the micro level. It employs approx. 35 million people in the rural areas who rely on livestock for approximately 30-40% of their income. Livestock also serves as a security against crop failure in some agricultural systems, such as arid agriculture. The contribution of the sector in annual household income in Punjab is about 38% of the total income generated from all resources. Livestock and Dairy Development Department Punjab is providing service to livestock entrepreneurs through its established institutions scattered in Punjab. The research and development component in livestock sector is being covered by establishing Livestock research experiment station having background of development starting from year 1962 on the recommendations of Food and Agriculture Commission, appointed by the Government of Pakistan, the Livestock and Dairy Development Department re-organized the structure of farms and the Directorate of Livestock Farms was created at provincial level. This Directorate was given the responsibility to improve the performance of livestock and to conduct research on problems relating to production.

Livestock Department is holding 22 Research Station / Farms under its Directorate of Farms to cover following mission and objectives at large:

Mission: “Enhance livestock production through improved breeding, feeding, management and disease control practices.”


1.Preservation of pure local breeds of Buffalo, Cattle, Sheep and Goat of the Province. 2.Production and raising of pedigreed candidate bull calves, bulls, rams and bucks. 3.Production of good male and female animals.

4.Provision of dependable ground for progeny testing programme. 5.As adoptive research stations for adopting newly evolved techniques in the field of livestock and fodder production. 6.For trial and testing of veterinary medicines and biologicals 7To provide and extend research facilities to various research and teaching organizations of the province.

Land Resources:

Area under these farms is 82904 acres having 55 % under cultivation (direct and lease). The detail quite elaborated in table and figure as under:

(acre)% Age
Total Area82904100
1. Cultivable4495954.23
a). Direct2310227.87
b). Lease 2185726.36
2. Un-Cultivable3794545.77
i. Building & Roads27493.32
ii. Un-Commanded3519642.45

Livestock Species and Strength at farms:

SpeciesAdult OtherTotal
(Nili Ravi) 136920573426
( Sahiwal, Cholistani, Cross Bred, Thari, Dhani, Lohani, Red Sindhi, Rojhani,)255536156170 Sheep
(Thali, Buchi, Kajli, Kachhi, Lohi, Sipli, Karakol, Awasi, Pak Karakol, Salt range, Gaibi )5601582411425 Goat
(Teddy, Beetal, DDP, Angora, pak Angora, Nachi)138319913374 Camel

Public Private Partnership:

Some of these Research Stations / Farms are unable to proceed efficiently to achieve specified objectives and targets keep viable / profitable their existence. This Department has reviewed the problem...
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