Literature Review: the Teacher as a Researcher

Topics: School, Education, Primary education Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Literature review

Teacher and pupil understanding of ICT and e-safety in schools is an issue that is current and topical due to its increasing presence in primary education. The Byron Review (2008) has drawn attention to this with its extensive assessment of the internet and video games and how they affect children. This Byron Review supports the key issues in Internet safety and ICT use by identifying just how integral these technologies are to children’s lives. The review makes explicit recommendations to needed protect internet users whilst highlighting the importance of furthering our understanding of the risks and then educating ourselves on the benefits and dangers of e-safety and ICT. This highlights the vital role teacher play in safeguarding pupils to ensure they can use the internet and other technologies safely (Woollarda et al 2009).

Cox and Marshall (2007) carried out a review of ICT posing the question ‘Effects of ICT; Do we know what we should know?’ (p.59) both authors of this paper have a prolific reputation in the area of ICT and education over the past decade and their paper addresses the importance of increasing our understanding ICT, and its long and short term impact on students learning and how it affects learning (p.59). The importance of ensuring not only our knowledge of the impact of ICT on students learning but also how it impacts students thinking and acting (p.68). This has direct implications on the use of ICT technologies in the many methods and settings now available to students such of the internet. By ensuring teaching professionals understand the true extent to which ICT affects students learning, attitudes, values and beliefs is essential to all individuals involved in education and the future of ICT in education.

Across research into ICT and its implementation the central role of teachers in ensuring these technologies are used safely and effectively across the curriculum is acknowledged (Woollard et al...
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