Literary Analysis of an Unseen Extract: How Does the Author Engage the Reader Through the Use of Literary Devices in Your Given Extract?

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, The Reader Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Literary analysis of an unseen extract: how does the author engage the reader through the use of literary devices in your given extract? The first line " In the middle of nowhere..." grabs the readers attention because it gets the reader wondering why this person is in the middle of nowhere, It gives the reader something to think about creating different feeling and emotions towards the reader. As you begin to read on you are given the weathers description "left behind its feeble breezes, but the heat scorched and smothered them" this shows how hot the country is but with a cool breeze, this creates quite a different affect on the reader because it sets a less mysterious scene to the first line. Near to the end of the first paragraph the word dereliction is used, this means a snse of abandonment is prevailed in the setting as it says "A deathly silence pervades the dereliction as far as the eye can see." this shows quite a mysterious and creepy feeling towards the reader, makes you want to read on because it lures you in with the suspicion and suspense. On the second page the atmosphere is described, creating a shocking effect to the reader which again lures the reader to read on and find out more, the use of decriptive words that are used in such small sentences create a dramatic effect. "...bare of breath of raging battles, rises kabul, or rather whats left of it" this shows a completely different side to Afghanistan to what we was hereing before. Grabbing the readers attention with detailed description of the way the surroundings look, "Nothing will ever be the same again" this shows a negative feeling that the reader could feel sympathy for the characters involved and this could make the reader want to read on because he/she will want to find out what happens to the characters. Within this extract there is a lot of horrific imagerey used to describe the charcters surroundings "the ruin of the city walls has spread in to the peoples souls" this is really...
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