Liter of Light

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Renewable energy trends are growing trends in today world. There are many people ask that, “Why do we need renewable energy?”. In this era, the earth population growth but the natural resources faced crisis with limited resources to fulfill the high demand of the population. Non-renewable energy is finite resources which is dwindling because of high cost and damage our environmental. Every day we consume energy from a wide of sources. Therefore, the need for cheap and obtainable resources is greatly needed. The replace of non-renewable energy with energy from renewable sources has many benefits. Renewable energy enables to provide sustainable and never run out energy. The most important is renewable energy can generate energy by emission very little carbon dioxide if compare to those non-renewable energy. Thus, renewable energy can reduce the impact of pollution and global warming issue. “Liter of Light” operates with the theory of solar energy with using several materials. Solar energy is one type of popular renewable energy. Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. This technologies use the sun’s energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water and electricity for homes, business and industry. Current renewable energy industries are not that supported by today market due to its high costs of installation and equipments fees. Besides, current renewable energy products marketing efforts is not strong and the customers are lacking of understanding to the products. The idea is focusing to the following:

* Strengthen the attention of global warming issues
* Provide an alternative for renewable energy products
* Enable users to participating in supporting green environment * Participating in social responsibilities initiatives

The main objective of “Liter of Light” is to create awareness and educate the young generations and local community on the importance of preserving environment for future generations.

A “Liter of Light” that use purified water-filled container mixture with chlorine as an alternative electric to light up dark areas during day time. What makes this unique is that it can last for 5 years without changing the material inside “Liter of Light”. Besides, it produces as much light as a 50W incandescent bulb. The “Liter of Light” works by reflection of light rays because of different medium, air and water.

Figure 1: Concept of “Liter of Light”.
There are several materials are needed to make “Liter of Light”. There are 1.5 liters plastic bottles, metal roof sheet, epoxy/rubber sealant, filter water and chlorine.

i) The procedure of assemble the “Liter of Light”:
Step 1: Cut approximately 9x10 inches of metal roof sheet, use corrugated or flat metal roof sheet depending on the roof where Liter of Light will be installed. Step 2: At the centre of the metal roof sheet, draw 2 circles. The outer circle is similar to the circumference of the bottle and cut the inner circle. Step 3: Cut 1 cm difference radially and make small strips that will be bent upwards steel sheet. Step 4: Using sandpaper, scratch the surface of the bottle to allow the epoxy or rubber sealant to stick better. Step 5: Insert the bottle into the metal sheet until the upper third. Apply rubber sealant on the strips above and around the area below. Step 6: Fill the bottle with filtered water and 10ml of chlorine. Cover the bottle with its original cap.

ii) The procedure of install the “Liter of Light”:
Step 1: Cut a hole on the roof which is similar to the bottle...
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