Lit and Nature Study Guide Questions

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Walden: Spends 2 years in a cabin in the woods; wants to find truth; wants wild nature, untouched by humans, be an observer, looks at changes in distinctive habitat (natiuralistic eye), historian captures way humans destroy the land.

Huckleberries: Your not suppose to gather the huckleberries; not owned by people; land is being bought up and harvested commercially; Education: you need to have pieces of nature where people can learn from.


The art of seeing things: Love and desire for nature sharpens the eye to help us see the natural world. You can not be a passive observer must engage in nature. We need to take leasure in the small things; we step over four leaved clovers do not see them

The Grist of Gods: We are all connected because we come from the same olace 9space dust) ; grist milling turning cornal of grain into a flower; soil; the soil affects our daily lives and how without it we would cease to ecsisit. We humans have to be gentle and not detroy the earth; soil give us food; rocess of decay and death and how they are apart of life; ignorance makes the world fragile.

Nature near Home: Don’t have to go far to find nature, don’t have to travel to yoesemitie its in your back yard, bring nature close to you.


From a thousand mile walk to the gulf: He goes on a walk after an accident; fascinated by plants; goes against established religions; we humans believe were on to and treat the earth badly but we are all fellow mortals; mostitos are the work of the devil; alligator not really and enemy of human

A windstorm in the forest: Wind touches everything, it is powerful and hels to grow, muir uses signhts and sounds, he wants to know what its like for a tree; muir says its safter outside that inside in a storm; like people trees sway back and forth but always come back to where they started.

First summer in the Sierra: He found that even those creatures thought to be evil like alligators...
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