Lists of Prioritized Risk

Topics: Project management, Risk, Security Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Lists of Prioritized Risk

People Risk (Communication Failure)
Communication is the most important for the project management. The risk of communication failure will lead to a lack of project success. Base on hiring a new consultant, this may cause miscommunication and delivering incorrect message among team member. Also, missing detailed requirements may occur, it might have down time while additional requirements are elicited or implement in a way unsatisfactory to project success. The solution for this problem is to have outsourced employees work in house and learn directly (Schwalbe, 2007).

Security Risk
Security issues are important aspects for every company within the video game industry. By terminating people during the project may cause a leak of information to competitors. Furthermore, leaking some information which is confidential and very crucial to the company may cause the company money and lead to the eventually failure of the project (Mohr, 2011).

Financial Risk (Project Budget Exceeded)
Project budget exceeded may occur when unexpected cost incurred in excess of a given budget due to hiring a new consultant to a team project and also revising the market research project. This may affect the project not to meet NPV, ROI, and payback estimate. To avoid this issue the company should set project budget early and monitor the progression of the project and also have the leeway to request more funds from shareholders to see project through (Schwalbe, 2007).

Structure/Process Risk (Team Underperforming and Scope Changes Issues) In term of hiring a new person to the team project, the team is perceived to be tardy by project sponsor. Beside, team performance does not meet their expectations due to the new consultant may need time to adjust to new work process and environment. This is called team underperforming. Therefore, the company should have weekly meeting among the team project to recognize the goal and progression of the project and...
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