Topics: Active listening, Understanding, Hearing Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Active Listening:
Active listening is a way of listening that focuses entirely on what the other person is saying. The listener confirms understanding of both the content of the message and the emotions and feelings underlying the message to ensure comprehension. Active listeners reflect on what is being said through their body language. An active listener holds good eye contact, orients toward the speaker with their head or torso and nods their head appropriately. Passive Listening:

Passive listening is a way of not listening that tunes out what the other person is saying. The listener makes no attempt to understand either the content of the message or the underlying emotions and feelings of the speaker. The listener may miss important points and details, and takes what they do hear at face value. The subtitles of communication are lost on a passive listener. A passive listener tunes out what is being said and shows no evidence of interest through their body language. A passive listener holds poor or no eye contact, is sometimes unblinking as if glazed over, orients away from the speaker with their torso despite facing them, and fails to nod their head at all or nods inappropriately.

Competitive—Combative Listening:
* Happens when we are more interested in promoting our own point of view than in understanding or exploring someone else’s view. * We either listen of openings to take the floor, or for flaws or weak points to attack. * As we pretend to pay attention, we are impatiently waiting an opening or internally formulating our rebuttal and planning our devastation comeback that will destroy their argument and make us the victor.

Passive—Attentive listening:
* We are genuinely interested in hearing and understanding the other person’s point of view. * We are attentive and listen passively.
* We assume that we have heard and understood correctly, but stay passive and do not verify it.

Active—Reflective Listening:
* Is the...
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