Like Water for Chocolate Movie Review

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Like Water for Chocolate Review
Like Water for Chocolate is about the love between two individuals (Tita and Pedro) and how their love was squandered by the societal norms of the age. Tita, the youngest daughter in her family, falls in love with Pedro. They have a “secret” relationship but when Pedro asks for her hand in marriage, Tita’s mother, Mama Elena, refuses. In her family’s traditions, people do not marry for love; they marry for convenience, and that is exactly what she continues with Tita and her sisters. Tita tries to rebel from her mother’s traditions but proves difficult when her love is being married to her sister. Mama Elena succeeds at keeping Tita and Pedro apart by having Rosaura (Tita’s eldest sister) and Pedro move to Texas. Tita becomes like Cinderella and obeys all the commands that her mother gives her. It is only when Tita finds out that her nephew dies in Texas does she truly break down and decide that living with her mother is not suitable to her lifestyle and she uses to “insanity” as a way to escape. Tita enjoys her new lifestyle because she is finally free of her mother’s clutches. There is only one thing that Tita will never be freed from, and that is her love for Pedro. He is her great love and vice-versa. Tita and Pedro become secret lovers and use any means necessary to stay close to each other. Not even in death are they able to be separated. Their love defeats all odds, even in death.
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