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Topics: Team, Project team, Thought Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: January 2, 2013
LC 131Z - TCS Teamwork Reflection Journal 3
Topic: Working In A Team
Venkatachalam Kaleswari (P0969172)
Course: Diploma in Bioelectronics
Class: DBE 1B01

1. Among the 7 teamwork tips listed in the article, which 3 do you think are the most important, and why? Explain your choices by elaborating on your teamwork experiences in SP so far (eg. for IDEA, IE, TCS). The most important tips are:

Never miss a meeting: To ensure not to miss out any discussion/conversation or information that had been shared/exchange among the group members. It will also help to know what is happening like task that are incomplete and need to be completed. Having the presence of group members displays the enthusiasm. Help to contribute your part if willing to do. So that projects can be done on time. Also able to know how much work load are being shared among the group. So far my teamwork experience in Singapore Polytechnic has improved. Before starting off with a project, we will come up with a weekly plan schedule in order to complete the task accordingly and in sequence. I learnt to have a proper time management like for example in IDEA module, every week a presentation is given to work on. I’ll have my own planning schedule so I can do as it goes.

Ask question: To ensure that a team’s purpose and objectives are clear. It will show the eagerness to learn and the amount of contribution given. Because I feel the more questions we ask, the better idea we get to work/start on and also know what I am doing as I go along. This will help to reduce the work loads that are unnecessary in a project. Having a not clear criteria of a project will lead to incomplete assignment or may even end up having too much complicated work done which will not be understood later on if it has to be presented. My experiences about this particular tip on IE have made me improved and learn from my mistakes. IE module is mainly about hands on skills. By asking questions helps me and...
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