Levi’s International Advertising Strategy

Topics: Female body shape, United States, Advertising Pages: 20 (2882 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Seminar in International Marketing
Course: Mktg 769
Instructor: Dr. Massoud Saghafi
Topic: Levi’s International Advertising Strategy
Date: October, 2012
Student: 816257878 Chia, Chi-Ting (Gina)
816259074 Kuo, Dao-Dong (Dong)

816259204 Mao, Yun-Wen (Molly)
816260738 Chou, Ya-Chu (Ivy)


816260673 Lee, Yu-Wei (Nick)



About Levi’s
Levi’s is an American clothing company which is famous for jeans in more than 110 countries. Levi's was founded in 1873 in San Francisco, specializing in riveted denim jeans and different lines of casual and street fashion. The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool, its core value includes empathy, originality, integrity, and courage.

Advertising media
Of the many advertising channels used by Levi’s, like TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, we chose the “magazine print channel” because we think that the magazine ad is pure, that anyone can just take a look and immediately understand the meaning of the advertisement. In this project, we select the Curve ID series ads in USA, Taiwan and China.

II. Advertising screenshot
See as Appendix 1.

III. Environmental analysis and international advertisement

In the nineteen century, jeans were working pants for American slaves in farms or mines, because they had many different kind of advantages, like being lightweight, comfortable, durable etc. Since the 1970s, jeans have become the trend of world clothing.

Jeans became a part of American life and culture since wearing jeans became more and more casual. Actually, jeans are just like a general pants for most Americans. According to the data, almost everyone has five to ten pairs of jeans, or even more in United States. The market demand was relatively bigger than other countries. Many Americans thought that it was very free wearing jeans and also you could wear any style you want, so in the advertising you can see the models look just like general people you would meet on the streets. Their clothes were very free, simple and relaxed, the whole advertisement tried to express a common and cheaper image.


Jeans were not common clothes for Asian people, if comparing to United States. Also the market demand was relatively small, it was more high level and expensive products. According to the data, everyone has three to five jeans in Taiwan, so in the advertising you can see the models were very beautiful, the clothes were very high-ranking and whole advertisement tried to express an advanced image. Asians have pursue Western culture for a long time, so you can see most of the models in the Asian advertising were Western people because Asian people thought that western people were more beautiful and good at clothes. Also, America is promoting racial integration, so you can see there were three different ethnicities in the United States advertising.

 Economic
If only looking from the economic perspective, the Levi’s price in the United States should be the most expensive one in these three different countries, next was Taiwan, and final was China. Why is that? From the following tables you can see no matter Gross Domestic Product or Purchasing Power Party, the United States is always higher than China and Taiwan.

The Economic situations in three different Countries

GDP (Current US$) PPP

< Billions>

PPP/Per Person




8,382 (93)

United State


1 5,290

48,387 (7)



8 87.3

37,720 (20)

Sources: International Monetary Fund http://www.imf.org/external/index.htm Central Intelligence Agency https://www.cia.gov/index.html

But in fact the Levi’s price in the United States was the cheapest one, then Taiwan, and then China. Taking the 501® Original Fit Jeans to be an example, the price of 501® Original Fit Jeans in the United States was $68, but in Taiwan it was $136.705 and in China it was $142.157, it was...
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