Letter to the Editor; Sample Advocacy

Topics: Asia, Culture, South Asia Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Donít count Pakistan out

To the Editor:
I am writing to you to draw your attention towards an important issue which, we believe, will be of a great service to the student community at UNB. Coming directly to the point, UNB now has international students from every corner of the world. This is not only providing the local students an opportunity to learn about different cultures, believes and values, it is also a chance to explore common opportunities in the fields of economic development, environment, and trade, global peace and health. At the beginning of the new century, Asian countries are promising a brighter future for our coming generations. Within Asia, Pakistan is one such country; located on the crossroads of swiftly modernizing cultures and economies, with historic legacies of stone-age civilizations as old as 500,000 years. The strategic location of the country is such that oil rich Middle East/Gulf makes its southern border, unprecedented growing economic power China is its Northern neighbor, recently liberated (from ex-Soviet Union) Central Asia is on its western boarders, and it shares the potential of South Asia with India and the far east. Besides being privileged to have a rich and diverse culture, today Pakistan is unleashing its magnificent human potential towards the digital information age. Being the newest of nuclear powers, (unfortunately) involved in one of the most hostile disputes in the world, an active member of United Nations Missions all around the world, a partner in developmental and humanistic efforts with Europe and North America, and one of the largest sources of skilled immigrants for the developed world, this country is an interesting subject for the academic community on campus. Unfortunately, the resources available in our libraries are not enough to support the need to explore this emerging Asian country. The books available were mostly written in the 1980s, and there is no...
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