Letter of Recommendation

Topics: Research, Nanocomposite, University Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: May 29, 2013

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr. Sarang Gumfekar for graduate studies. As a lecturer in Engineering Science Department, I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarang for last four years. I taught him theory courses such as Applied Science-I and II and also had been his lab instructor for Applied Physics-I and II. I was especially touched by his conscientious way of study and approach towards carrying the experiments.

Once in the final year, I read his papers published with my colleague Dr Sonawane which revealed his depth of knowledge in the field of polymer nanocomposites. Convinced about his potential I fully support Sarang’s decision to pursue graduate studies in Chemical Engineering with focussed work on novel nanocomposites. I also had been his mentor for research internship on my TEQIP funded project. During tenure of research internship, Sarang worked in a group of five members on Synthesis and Characterization of undoped and doped ZnO thin films for Optoelectronic applications. This work resulted in our international journal publication on transparent conducting ZnO thin films which also showcased his technical writing skill. Sarang showed himself as active in thinking and original in viewpoint. Sarang is a self-driven person with an innovative mind who always suggested new developments in experimental setups of my project. When he was given the task of erecting most efficient experimental setup, he did the same in three weeks with proper testing. He has the capability to complete assigned tasks with minimum guidance in given time that makes him intellectually independent. Sarang is good at handling analytical instruments like UV spectrophotometer and attempted to teach related topics to his teammates who can now perform the analysis with confidence. His continuous reading of various research papers and assiduous discussions on the same is the characteristic of a successful research scholar. Sarang also has...
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