Letter of Invitation

My name is XXX and I would ask you to accept this letter as my letter of invitation for to visit Canada and stay with me and my family for some time. She is in good health and capable of doing things on her own.

XXX is my mother in law, and she is a citizen of China and resides with her spouse in her own condo located During her stay, XXX will live with my family and me. I pledge to provide lodging, board and to pay for all expenses incurred in connection with her visit to Canada. I undertake to ensure that XXX will not remain in Canada beyond the period authorized for her stay and she will return back to China after her visit. I have also attached a recent bank statement to demonstrate that I have the funds to support XXX during her stay in Canada.

For your information, I have included the following information about myself:

Legal name Is xxxu.
Canadian Passport # xxxxxx
Born in XXXX
Address: 1XXXX Road, North York Ontario M3B2L7.
Tel:XXXX, HomeXXX.
My family unit:
1.XXX(my husband) born on October 8th 1980.
2.XXX(my mother) born on November 20th, 1949
3.XXX (my elder son) born on January 19, 2009
4.XXX (my younger son) born on July 1st 2010
XXX is my Mother-in-law.
XXX intends to stay in for 4 weeks.
Presently I work at XXX since XXX
(Enclosed please find the most current NOA and T4)

In the event that you require further information about me and/or my invitation to XXX, feel free to contact me at XXXX 电话or by mail.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my letter of invitation.

Best regards,
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