Lesson Plan in Histology (Gastrointestinal Tissues)

Topics: Stomach, Digestion, Esophagus Pages: 10 (2947 words) Published: October 1, 2012
JarynaLimbauan IV-A BSBT
Euriz Ramos

Strategy: Lecture

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Identify the structure and components of gastrointestinal tract; 2. Initiate consciousness in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract; 3. Observe slides of rugae and villi layers.

II. Subject Matter
Topic: Gastrointestinal Tissues
III. Materials

A. PowerPoint presentation
1. Parts and Function of Gastrointestinal Tissues
B. Foods
1. Margarine
2. Banana
3. Egg
4. Bread
C. Microscope slides of rugae and villi

IV. References

1. Marieb, E., (2006). Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition. Benjamin Cummings. pp. 454-455. 2. Raven, J. et al. (2010). Biology. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. pp. 786-787 3. Young, et al. (2006). Wheater’s Functional Histology. USA: Elsevier Limited. p. 263-287.

Teacher’s Activity| Students’ Activity|
V. Preliminary Activities A. GreetingsGood afternoon classmates. B. PrayerMr.Ms. ________, kindly lead the prayer.Thank you Mr./Ms. _______ C. Setting the ClassroomBefore you sit down, kindly pick up the pieces of paper and keep it inside your bag. Throw it later in the trash bin after the class.You may now take your sit. D. Checking of AttendanceMs. Secretary, is anyone absent today? E. RecallWhat have we tackled again last time?Mr./Ms. ______, can you tell me something about Oral tissue?Thank you Mr./Ms. _____ F. MotivationLike a ModelBefore we proceed to the lesson, we will have an activity first. Kindly count off 1-4. All group 1, stay at Table 1.All group 2, stay at Table 2.All group 3, stay at Table 3.All group 4, stay at Table 4.Each group, kindly send one representative.Representatives, kindly pick one from the items on the table.You may now go back to your respective groups.Kindly open the item.Now that you have your designated product, what you will do is to endorse your product in two minutes. You should include in your advertisement the benefits of eating your product. You have five minutes to prepare your commercial.Times up! Kindly go back to your proper places. Let us call the first presenter.Thank you Group 1.Let us call the second presenter.Thank you Group 2.Let us call the third presenter.Thank you Group 3.Let us call the fourth presenter.Thank you Group 4.Who among you have eaten junk foods today?Who among you have eaten fruits or vegetables today?Which do you think is better to eat, the junk foods or the fruits and vegetables?Why do you think so, Mr./Ms. ____?Yes, you’re right! We should always take note the foods that are healthy from what are not healthy. So when choosing food to eat, what should you do then? VI. Lesson ProperThe function of the gastrointestinal system is to breakdown food for absorption into the body.This process occurs in five main phases namely: ingestion, fragmentation,digestion, absorption, and elimination of waste products.Ingestion is the process of consuming food and taking it into the body.Fragmentation is separating food into fine particles. Digestion is the process by which food is enzymatically broken down into molecules that are small enough to be absorbed into the circulation. Absorption is the process of assimilating substances into cells or across the tissues and organs through diffusion or osmosis. Lastly, the discharge of waste matter from the large intestine.Food is propelled along the gastrointestinal tract by two main mechanisms: voluntary muscular action in the oral cavity, pharynx, and peristalsis in the upper third of the oesophagus. Peristalsis is the involuntary waves of smooth muscle contraction.From the esophagus to the anus, the digestive is basically a tube very similar to other tubular organs in the body.  The gastrointestinal tract has four distinct functional layer: mucosa, submucosa, muscularis propria, and adventitia.The mucosa is made up of three components: the epithelium, a supporting...
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