Lesson Plan About Going to Future

Topics: Grammatical tense, Grammatical tenses, Lesson plan Pages: 9 (1248 words) Published: January 9, 2013

Name/Surname: Abdullah ARAS

Institution/Context of Language Teaching: Ankara Atatürk High School/ be going to future

Material (Course book/Unit) Used: Handouts, Blackboard, Smartboard.

Lesson Focus: Grammar

Duration of the lesson: 45’

Learners’ Previous Knowledge: They know simple present tense, can and can’t, also they are familiar with the wh- question forms and they have basic vocabulary knowledge and knowledge of present continuous tense.

Learner Profile (Age + Proficiency Level/ Number of Students): They are prep. class students. There are 30 students in total and they are elementary level students. Their age range is between 13 and 15. They all share the same L1 background (Turkish). They are willing enough to participate in the lesson and take part in activities.

Anticipated Problems and Remedies:

Problem: Students may not understand the instructions given for the activities.

Remedy: Teacher demonstrates the activity in front of the class or teacher paraphrases the instructions. Another solution is to try to give easier instructions.

Problem: Teacher’s voice may not be louder enough.

Remedy: Teacher talks louder if he realizes his voice is not loud enough.

Problem: There may be left some time after teacher finishes all the planned activities.

Remedy: Teacher prepares a contingency plan.

Problem: There may be some technical problems.

Remedy: Teacher has hard copies of each activity.

Goals of the lesson: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to;

1. Use “going to / not going to” to describe future activities

2. Develop their speaking skills.

3. Use the forms in communication tasks.

4. Do structured practice with workbook exercises.

5. Familiar with functional use of going to future.

Objectives of the lesson: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to

➢ identify the form of ‘be going to’

➢ produce questions by using ‘be going to’

➢ practice their speaking skill during the activities.

➢ create a paragraph as a homework by using ‘going to future’

II. Procedure

|Stage |Allocated |Procedure |Aids |Interaction |Stage | | |Time | | |Pattern |Justification | | | | -After saying the subject of the lesson | | | | | |7 min. |teacher shows a PowerPoint Presentation | | |The aim of the presentation is to | |Lead-in | |(Appendix B) to the students. There is an |PPP |T Ss |show students the use of ‘be going | | | |animation in it. Also there are some sentences| | |to’ in an effective way. Moreover | | | |formed with ‘be going to’. After showing | | |teacher aims to teach going to | | | |presentation teacher asks the questions that | | |future inductively with the | | | |are written on the second page of the | | |questions that he asked at the end | | | |presentation....
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