Lesson 4: Intro to the Internet

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Lesson 4


Before You Begin this Lesson

Please make sure you have read the course syllabus on this Web site. In it, please note the course schedule and how the readings, HTML exercises, and assignments have been allocated. The syllabus also outlines how you are to proceed through the lessons. Objectives

This lesson will provide you with the opportunity to investigate basic communication technologies, how information is encoded, and how information is transmitted over short distances known as a Local Area Network (LAN). We will also learn a new and very important HTML command: the image tag. It is expected that you will use previously learned HTML commands and practices and that the new commands will build towards subsequent lessons in HTML.

When you have completed this lesson, you should be able to:

Explain the components of basic communication technologies.
Use an example to illustrate the encoding that occurs in character and digital information. See your 60-104 notes for details on binary to decimal conversion, decimal to binary conversion and ASCII code conversions. Describe error detection and correction.

Describe how parity bits and checksum techniques are used.
Explain what is needed to create a Local Area Network and outline the advantages of a LAN. Give examples of the functions and features of a common FTP program (see Assignment #3). Create a simple Web page using the image tag and its attributes: alt, border, align, height and width (HTML Practice Exercise #4). Create a simple Web page using the aforementioned image tag with the anchor tag.

Textbook Readings
Please keep in mind the preceding objectives while reading the assigned chapters from The Internet Book, Fourth Edition. Douglas E. Comer, Prentice Hall.

Chapter 6: Basic Communications

Chapter 7: The Local Area Network

Textbook Questions

The following questions will test your understanding of the assigned textbook reading. To help ensure that you are on the right track, guidelines for good answers will be provided in the Lessons section of this Web site.

Chapter 6 Questions
What does “modem” stand for?
What is the decimal equivalent of the following binary numbers? 1000 1111
1101 1001
1010 1010
0101 0101
1111 1111
What is the binary equivalent of the following decimal numbers? 2
What would “Hello” be in binary code?
What would be the parity bit for the letter “z”?
What is the most common LAN topology in networks today? Why? What problem is associated with using checksum as a technique for error detection?

©Questions are adapted from the Instructor's Resource CD to accompany Comer, The Internet Book, 3rd ed., 2000, with permission of Prentice Hall. Chapter 7 Questions
Why do LANs not require amplifiers to boost signal strength? What are three advantages of a LAN?
What does a computer use to send and receive data over a LAN?

©Questions are adapted from the Instructor's Resource CD to accompany Comer, The Internet Book, 3rd ed., 2000, with permission of Prentice Hall. SAMS Reading
This reading will prepare you for the HTML Practice exercises that accompany the first eight lessons and Assignment #5, your Web site, by explaining the basic concepts and tools that are needed to create Web pages. HOUR 10: Creating Images for Use on the Web

HOUR 11: Using Images in Your Web Site
REVIEW HOUR 2: Publishing Web Content

HTML Practice Exercise #4

In this and subsequent lessons you will be expanding your knowledge of HTML codes through a series of HTML practice exercises. These exercises, used in conjunction with the assignments, will culminate in a complete Web site.

In this exercise, you will learn how to add images to the Web page you've been working on in Lessons 1 and 2.

Adding Images

The tag

The tag is used for placing images onto your Web pages. Unlike most other HTML tags, it should not be opened and closed (meaning that you...
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