Lecture Notes Week 1

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Welcome to class!

In today's complex and highly competitive business environment, it is critical for you to understand the importance of service operations. In a service business, operations is truly where the "rubber meets the road".

OPS 5095 is an intensive course in which you will learn strategic and tactical views of service operations, as well as gain valuable knowledge about important quantitative tools and techniques.

This is a very rigorous course and it is essential that you start quickly and keep up your pace throughout the term. Falling behind early can be fatal! By now, you should have already purchased the book and coursepack and completed the required readings.

Week One will cover Chapters 1 and 2 in detail, while Week Two will cover Chapter’s 3 and 4 in detail. Remember to post your response to the Week One Discussion Question by Thursday and then post at least one reply to other students’ posts by Sunday. Further details can be found in the syllabus.

This Course Overview chart provides a logical model for the entire course. The chart can be used as a “mental model” for putting each chapter into perspective. Using this kind of model can help you to better understand the relationships between chapters/topics and it can also improve your future retention of the material.

In the top block, we begin the course with a basic definition, description, and classification of “services” (Ch 1, 2). We then proceed with the first of three levels of “views” – a high-level strategic view of services and how they are designed and developed (Ch 3, 4). This is followed by a lower-level process view in which we analyze quality (Ch 6, 7, 8). Finally, we move to the lowest level “encounter view” in which we consider how employees and customers interact in typical service encounters (Ch 9).

After we finish the three basic views, we then proceed to consider various kinds of...
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