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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Arlesia Carrier
Analyzing Internet Sources
What are three or more best practices you learned about using the internet for academic purposes? How do you think you might you might use them? •They are many practices that I’ve learned about for using the internet for academic purposes, but the best practices that I can benefit from personally is; always keeping in mind what you need to find or locate, examining the URL, bookmarking sites that looks useful, and examining the short description of the site. While using the internet for academic purposes it is always good to keep in mind what you need to locate because it’s very easy to veer off of the subject and start looking for something else. You can also bookmark to go back to something that you can read over later. Looking at the URL to determine if the site is worth looking on first and that can be easily done by looking at the synopsis (the short description of the site) to determine if it’s not a blog, opinionated, or someone that’s trying to sell you something.

How can you determine if the information on a website is reputable and worthwhile for a research paper? •There are lots of ways you can determine if the information on a website is reputable and worthwhile. You can look up the source or authors to learn about their credentials and see if you can also find some facts in other sources. By examining the URL you can also determine if the website is reliable or not. Websites ending in edu., recognizes that it is an educational site, even though it means that the information is always credible it’s worth investigating. It also depends on what type of research you’re doing another one that ends in gov., which is normally a reliable source. With that you can check the short description to see if it has the author’s name so you can check their credentials and you can even check the dates as well. With the URL site you should also keep in mind whether it’s personal, political, or research oriented....
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