Learning Outcome 4 Assessment Criteria 4.4, 4.2, 4.3

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Unit 210 Assignment 1
Learning Activities
Learning Outcome 4 Assessment Criteria 4.4, 4.2, 4.3

I had the chance to read as part of a group......4 children sat around the table within class....this was my dedicated table to assist and concentrate on. As this was an exercise that is repeated weekly the children were already half way through their current book (The Jungle Book ) Each child was given their own copy of this book , I asked for them to turn to page 15 which is where they had got up to before. I chose the order is which we were going to read, I instructed each child to read 3 pages each......whilst each child read out loud the other children needed to follow each line as it was read. Before they started reading as a group I encouraged the children to discuss what had happened so far to describe each of the characters etc. Once I was clear and felt that each of the children had participated we started reading. The first Child read.......I tried to encourage him to speak up a little so that the others within the group could hear clearly making it easier to follow. As each paragraph was completed I would quietly praise, maybe ask a question, any words the children struggled with I would encouraged to sound out and break down, in most cases the children were able to work it out in other cases the other children would offer support. As this group was of mixed ability I have found on previous observations it tends to increase patience and understanding towards each other, sometimes the more advanced children find it a little frustrating but they definitely support each other which has many benefits, helping the less advanced children become more confident with reading out loud also gaining a greater interest about the story using discussion, having a joke about the characters and discussing what may happen? How the story could end? What if they were the character in the story?......it very much brings it all to life. Each child had a...
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