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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Topic2: Different Types and Forms of Drama
Time Frame 20 Days

|STAGE 1 | |CONTENT STANDARD: The learner understand the different types and forms of drama, the  features ,elements and conventions which distinguish | |them from narratives thereby leading him/her to produced a reaction paper. | |PERFORMANCE STANDARD: The learner writes a meaningful reaction paper on a drama presentation. | |ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDING: The learner exhibits understanding and appreciation of drama by making sense of and reacting to the different issues| |presented in it.. | |ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How does one show appreciation of Philippine Drama? | |Learners will know: | |Types of Drama | |Forms of drama | |Drama conventions | |Expressions showing agreement and disagreement | | | |Learners will be able to: | |Explain types of drama | |Distinguish various forms of drama. | |Apply various graphic organizers to illustrate key concepts in a drama. | |Perform an array of reading techniques to concretize and unlock drama concept. | |Respond in various ways to express understanding of drama. | |Relate how drama mirrors real life. | |Deduce authentic experiences that can be incorporated in a drama. | |Analyze descriptions, dialogs and actions to discover, articulate, and justify characters in a drama. | |Draw insights on main and sub issues presented in a drama. | | | |STAGE 2 | |Product Performance Task: A meaningful reaction paper on a drama presentation. | |...
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