Learning Concepts

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Learning concept examination
PSYCH/ 550

Learning concept examination
From the day an individual born until the day he/she dies, there are many things that we learn such as the languages we speak, the culture of the country where we born at, the way to act, think and behave as a member of the society. The knowledge we gain and the experiences we have are acquired through the process of learning. What is learning? How can the concept be described? What are the differences between learning and performance? And what are some conceptual approaches to the study of learning are questions that will be answered throughout this paper. According to (Washburne, 1936) the learning concept can be described accurately from two points of view: the one of the observer and the one of learner. The same author defines learning as “an increase, through experience, of problem-solving ability” p603. For Washburne, learning is a process through which individuals acquire the knowledge to solve problems they encounter in their everyday life. An example will be the one of a kid who is born in Africa. The kid will learn by observing older people that respect is very important and that in case of a problem with a person, his parents must be associated in order to avoid a bigger issue with the whole community. (Jeff Cobb, 2011) defines learning as “the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skill, behavior and attitude” (www.missiontolearn.com). Jeff Cobb explains that people do not need to take classes or courses, de not need degrees or certificate to learn but the learning process does requires practice, reflection, social interaction and interaction with the environment. To learn, one does not have to go to school but need to interact with people in order to learn from them and use the knowledge to solve problems. Learning does not happen consciously (pigmies in equatorial forest learn to hunt and fish...
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