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Student’s First and Last Name Mrs. Quinn ENGL 101, Comp. 1. Day Month Year A Writer’s Journey Writing an essay combines essential information for readers and important writing conventions as well as Standard American English, or grammar. Writers in Composition I begin by setting up their papers using the Modern Language Association, MLA, standards. Efficient writers always indent each new paragraph when writing and make sure their papers are doublespaced.. The introductory paragraph is very important for readers. It must include the following: a grabber, see pages 39 and 40; general background information; and a thesis statement, Patterns for College Writing (Kirszner, Mandell 37-47). The thesis statement controls the entire essay; therefore, it is absolutely essential. The thesis statement is generally located near the end of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is not a question, an observation, or a fact. It is the writer’s stated opinion about the topic and should be debatable; in rare situations, a thesis statement may be a dominate impression. Body paragraphs should always begin with a topic sentence followed by detail and supporting information and written in complete sentences. The thesis statement in the introduction always controls the information that is provided in the body paragraphs. The topic sentence can be in the form of a general statement; however, it is important to elaborate by using examples, reasons, facts, statistics, details, expert opinions, and personal experiences, as appropriate, to better inform readers and provide them with necessary cues for understanding.

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By the end of the essay, readers should feel as though the information provided by the writer is complete, correct, and comprehensive. Important information about body paragraphs can be found on pages 41 through 46 in the Patterns for College Writing textbook. Following the writing steps provided on pages 15 and 16, it is...
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