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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Student Self-assessment

Please tick in one of the columns beside each statement.

Name:| Always| Usually| Sometimes| Rarely|
Date:| | | | |
Throughout the process of the Exhibition I have been:| | | | | An inquirer who loves learning and always tries to develop my research skills and ability to work independently.|  |  |  |  | Knowledgeable by exploring ideas and issues that have local and global importance. I try to develop my knowledge and understanding in all subjects.|  |  |  |  | A thinker who shows initiative and creativity when solving problems.|  |  |  |  | A communicator who tries to understand and express ideas in different ways. I try to work well with others in groups. I am trying to develop my language skills in all the languages I am studying.|  |  |  |  | Principled by being honest and fair. I am respectful of others. I have responsibility for my own actions and their consequences.|  |  |  |  | Open-minded because I understand, respect and appreciate my own culture and that of others. I am open to different ideas, values and traditions.|  |  |  |  | Caring by showing respect towards the environment and the needs and feelings of others. I try to make a positive difference through my actions.|  |  |  |  | A risk-taker who tries new experiences and makes informed and thoughtful decisions. I try to defend what I believe is important.|  |  |  |  | A balanced person who understands that it is important to study, exercise, sleep, eat well and enjoy life with friends and family.|  |  |  |  | Reflective by thinking about my own learning and experience. I am able to understand my strengths and areas where I could improve, and set goals for myself. |  |  |  |  | Comment:| | | | |

Choose two of the Learner Profile Attributes, which you feel your partner has demonstrated throughout the Exhibition process. Write comment explaining which attribute they have shown and how...
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