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Topics: Boeing 787, Boeing 747, Everett, Washington Pages: 9 (3200 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Boeing Everett
* Introduction
* Lean Efforts
* 777 Floor Grid Component Delivery Improvements
* 747 Line Side Supply and Simplified Ordering System
* Chemical Point of Use Stations
* 767 & 747 Wing Seal Moving Lines
* 747 Horizontal Stabilizer Project
Boeing is implementing Lean projects in various ways throughout its Everett Plant. The Company created an overall Lean Group to assist in the development and implementation of Lean initiatives throughout the plant. Programs invite the Group to participate in specific Lean projects if desired. The different airplane programs and organizations have also created their own Lean offices to focus specifically on Lean efforts within the particular program. For example, the 777 program has developed its own office, Critical Process Reengineering (CPR), to look for opportunities within the 777 line. Throughout the Everett plant, Lean initiatives have yielded measurable results. Larger efforts, like some of those described below, have resulted in substantial resource productivity gains and savings. Smaller efforts have also produced significant benefits. For example, the development and implementation of an alodine pen to be used prior to primer touch up, has reduced hazardous waste generation by approximately 36, 55-gallon drums per year. As part of a small tool recycling and reconditioning program, the 777 Wing Majors shop is recycling plastic spatulas used to apply sealant, reducing hazardous waste generation by approximately 90 percent (only the scraped sealant residue and velcro pad are disposed of, not the spatula itself). Top of page

Lean Efforts
To illustrate in greater detail the affect of Lean Manufacturing efforts at the Everett plant, five Lean projects were selected for closer examination. The initiatives selected and detailed below are the 777 Floor Grid Component Delivery Process, the 747 Line Side Supply and Simplified Ordering System, Chemical Point of Use Stations, 767 & 747 Wing Seal Moving Lines, and the 747 Horizontal Stabilizer project. These efforts are at various stages of implementation and the final effort, the 747 Horizontal Stabilizer Project has been put on hold due to technical and regulatory constraints. Top of page

777 Floor Grid Component Delivery Improvements
Boeing, as part of its overall Lean efforts, created a Lean Office to support the Twin Aisle Program (747s, 767s, and 777s). The 777 Line also formed its own group, CPR, to analyze current practices and identify potential Lean opportunities within the 777 program. In identifying potential opportunities, 777 operations were examined in total, providing a broader perspective of the overall program. In taking this more global approach, CPR identified as cost reduction opportunities the shipping processes used for seat tracks and floor beams. Boeing produces the parts in Wichita, Kansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma and then ships them to the Everett plant in Washington State. CPR held a "Link the Flow" workshop to develop a Lean Vision for the shipping of 777 floor grid components. Workshop participants focused on shortening the overall value chain and developed a vision of the ideal shipping process. The participants also developed an interim vision, which serves as a midpoint target in the process of continually improving the shipping system. Previously, Boeing delivered 777 seat tracks from Wichita and Tulsa to the Boeing Everett plant by truck. The parts were unloaded at Receiving and Inspection and then delivered to the factory for assembly. Boeing shipped 777 floor beams by truck from Tulsa to Kansas City then loaded them onto a train for shipment to Seattle via rail. From Seattle, a truck transported the floor beams to Receiving and Inspection at the Everett plant. Eventually the parts were brought to the factory for production purposes. The Workshop resulted in a new delivery method for 777 floor grid components. Trucks now transport seat tracks from...
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