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UNIV 1213: Leadership and Teamwork
Spring 2013, Sections 106, 107, 108

Lecturer: Simon N. Meade-Palmer
Office: T038, (3rd Floor)
Phone: Ext. 9275
Email: smeadepalmer@pmu.edu.sa

Office Hours:Saturday 14:00-14:50 PM, Sunday 13:00-14:20, Monday 18:00-19:00 PM Class Time/Location: Section 106, Sat & Mon, 15:00-15:50 PM Section 107, Mon, 20:00-21:50 PM Section 108, Sat & Mon, 9:00-9:50 AM

I.Course Overview

The purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to introduce students to the characteristics of leadership. Students gain a broad understanding of the theoretical approaches to leadership and teamwork and the core concepts, of contemporary leadership. Mastering the fundamental concepts increases the student’s ability, to apply these concepts to their own life experience.

II.PMU Competencies and Learning Outcomes

The course requires critical thinking and analysis as well as familiarization with learning outcomes expectations and measures. The course provides a logical framework by which students prepare for the senior year capstone experience. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and tools used to enhance decision-making. They learn to recognize the importance of leadership and teamwork, concepts such as initiative, planning and organizing, quality improvement, consulting, critical thinking and problem solving, and group facilitation. The student learns to understand the consequences of changes in relevant variables. Course exercises require students to work as a team to analyze a problem, and to write and orally present a report. Students work in groups on projects and assignments and use the Internet to retrieve relevant information and data needed to address the projects and assignments.

III.Detailed Course Description

Leadership and teamwork depends on willingness to act and to learn from experience. Exercising leadership and building successful teams requires information from a wide variety of disciplines. The course increases students’ capacity to enhance their performance potential, competence, and skills. Students learn that leadership involves inspiring and developing people toward goal mobilization. Success as a leader requires learning continually from experience through the disciplined integration of action and reflection. Leaders must know how to use feedback to create change. Because of the emphasis on leadership and teams, this course requires that students interact in class. Although a great deal of learning takes place in class, learning depends significantly on how much effort students put into this course outside of class.

IV.Requirements Fulfilled

The course is a required University Core course for all students during the first semester of the second year of undergraduate study.

V.Required Prerequisites

UNIV 1211: Professional Development and Competencies
UNIV 1213:Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

VI.Learning Outcomes

A.To recognize the importance leadership plays in groups and organizations.

B.To understand differences between traditional and contemporary (post-industrial) leadership paradigms.

C.To recognize the complexities of the leadership process.

D.To become familiar with the concept of change and the process of leadership.

E.To be able to integrate change to foster collaborative leadership.

F.To be able to analyze the various theoretical approaches to the study of leadership.

G.To be capable of recognizing the views and perceptions of leaders and the leadership process.

VII.Assessment Strategy

Assessment here focuses on the student’s final critical thinking and communication abilities and maturation. This is based on information taken from individual portfolios and the individual student...
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