Leadership Critique

Topics: Leadership, Management, Transactional leadership Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: April 6, 2013
III. Leadership Critique

In today’s tougher global economic environment, the survival of an organization is dependent upon the quality and behaviour of leadership. The philosophy of the traditional leadership has been replaced by a continuously evolving multi-faceted leadership theories, traits, and models. Different types of leaders engage clearly on various management styles, going from relatively hands-off, facilitative, micromanaging to autocratic styles. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and every organization demands all forms of leadership in order to meet the vision as well as the success of the organization. Numerous leadership studies and researches have been conducted and all has concluded that further studies are required to support what type of leadership is needed for an organization to be successful. One of the types of leadership that has gained a lot of attractiveness in this tougher economic climate and I have embraced is transformational leadership. In 1973, James Victor Downton Jr. first created the theory of Transformational Leadership and Transactional leadership in his book Rebel Leadership: Commitment and Charisma in the Revolutionary Process (James Victor Downton 1973). Then the concept was further developed by James MacGregor Burns in his book Leadership (1978) during his study of political leadership and had influenced other leadership theorist like Bernard Bass, Bruce Avolio, and Kenneth Leithwood (MacGregor Burns 1978). During my Module 1 learning experience in RoL program, I have learned and occasionally applied multitude definitions and relationships between transformational leadership and transactional leadership. Transformational Leadership according to Bernard Bass as how leaders affect the subordinates, who are anticipated to trust, follow, and respect the transformational leader. I have also discovered that to be a truly transformational leadership, a leader must be grounded in moral foundations. The...
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