Layne Norton

Topics: Nutrition, Protein, Metabolism Pages: 200 (60250 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Layne Norton Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Compiled by Patrick Dib “Hypertrophik” from the Layne Norton “Str8flexed” thread at Muscular Development

Updated: December 18, 2007

Table of Contents

Part A: General Nutrition


On Fruits and Vegetables
On Juice Plus vs Regular Veggies
On sweet potatoes vs oats
On Red Meat:
On dietary fats:
On Blood Pressure:
Comments on an old school weight gaining shake:
On Bowel Movements during Dieting:
On eating fat free low sugar yogurt during diet
On preworkout food:

Part B: Food Information:

Layne’s Favorite tasting whole food protein source
Cocoa and Testosterone levels
On horse chestnuts and vascularity
On Alcohol
On Nighttime nutrition:
On night feeds:
On Fast food fried products:
On Water consumption
On Fiber Caloric value:
On Layne’s main carb source:
On Fiber One:
On Whole Eggs and Cholesterol Concerns
On Milk:
On Counting Fibers during Diet:
On Acesulfame K:
On Fruit Consumption:
On Salt intake:
Regarding Egg quality:
On EZEKIAL bread
On Lettuce:

Part C: Diet Products


On Diet Sodas
On Calorie free products

Part D: Protein Info


On Protein Intake:
On the need for Protein Shakes/ Optimal amount of Protein / Whole Food vs Whey On Aging and Protein Consumption:
On the trend of more protein is better
Old school vs Present day differences in Protein consumption The use of Microwaves and Protein Degradation:
The use of Microwaves and Protein Degradation:
On Products low in Carbs
Absorption of BCAA with food
Egg vs Casein Protein before bed
On Soy Protein
On Di/Tri/long peptides digestion and assimilation:
On counting protein from carb sources:
On Gluconeogenesis after large consumption of protein:
On Chicken vs Beef bioavailabilty
On Gemma Protein
On Protein Absorption:
On Gemma being equivalent to soy:
On when to take Whey Isolate:
On Muscle growth:
On Whey Hydrolysate:
Heating / Cooking and Protein quality:
On buckwheat fraction protein:
General Protein/BCAA questions :
On amounts of shake layne uses a day:
On Protein requirements/ PEPTIDE-bound amino acids vs free form amino acids On Protein Powders:
On Denaturing egg protein:
On Chewing and denaturing:
On Protein Frequency
On Protein Absorption:
On Calculating protein requirements:

Part E: BCAA’s


On Why the preference of BCAA over Whey in PWO shakes
On BCAA Absorption
On BCAA dosing:
On Caloric Value of Xtend/ BCAA effect on insulin
On Counting BCAA towards Protein requirement:
On Benefits of Leucine / BCAA
On BCAA Timing:
On benefits of BCAA supplementation:
On Why Layne likes BCAA supplementation:
Recommended BCAA dosing:
On BCAA supplementation on a tight budget
Powder BCAA vs Capsule BCAA
On sipping BCAA’s
Do BCAA behave like creatine in terms of Saturation/ Maximum amount of recommended BCAA On during workout nutrition:
On Using Leucine as a replacement of carbs in PWO nutrition during low carb dieting: BCAA timing issues:
On the need of BCAA’s:
On BCAA effectiveness during Ketogenic diets:
Opinion on different BCAA products:
On BCAA stability/Potency in Solution:
On Dissolving BCAA’s
On using Whey and Carbs vs. BCAA and Carbs:
On cycling Protein and BCAA’s:
On the effects of EAA/ BCAA on Keto :
On BCAA’s and Fasting:
On BCAA dosing between meals:
On studies that suggest compositional changes when supplementing with BCAA/Leucine On sipping BCAA’s:
Troubleshooting BCAA dosing:
On determining BCAA amounts:

Part F: Pre/Post Workout Nutrition


Pre Workout meal:
On Preworkout meals:
On Peanut butter in PWO shakes:
On dextrose in PWO shakes
On whole food consumption after a PWO drink
Comments on a PWO drink
On night time PWO meals :
On differences between PWO carb sources
On Carbs before/during/after training:
On Layne’s Personal PWO shake
On during workout...
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