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Chapters 24 & 25 Themes
Chapter 24
The first theme we found in chapter 24 in the book kite runner is love. The theme is love because a lot of brotherly love is shown in this chapter. If you go to page 327 it shows brotherly love on that page. Before Farid leaves, Amir gives him an envelope of money and never sees him again. This does show love because Amir does care about Farid leaving and he wants him to be safe and gives him a little over two thousand dollars. He also gives him the money because he has done so much for him. The second theme we found in chapter 24 in the book kite runner is caring. The theme is caring because Soraya is wondering where Amir is and she starts to panic. If you go to page 341 it shows Amir calling his wife. Soraya, Amir’s wife did really get scared at first because he did not call in a long time and her first response when he called was her screaming saying his name and asking if he’s okay and where he is. This does show caring because Soraya is really worried about her husband and she’s waiting every day for a phone call and Amir called her because he wants her to know that he’s fine Chapter 25

The first theme we found in chapter 25 in the book kite runner is ambition. The theme is ambition because Amir does show ambition towards Sohrab by praying for his life. If you go to chapter 25 Sohrab is rushed to the emergency room, where Amir is really afraid. Amir wanted to pray for Sohrab but needed a prayer rug, so he tended to use a sheet as a prayer rug. Amir prays for the first time in more than fifteen years which is shocking. This does show ambition because Amir is trying to achieve a goal, which is for Sohrab by praying. The second theme we found in chapter 25 in the book kite runner is happiness. The theme is happiness because Sohrab smiled which was hard for him to do. If you go to page 391 Sohrab does smile, which is rare to see from him. Amir asked Sohrab “Do you want me to fly that kite for you?” Sohrab nodded his head up...
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