Law208 Study Guide

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LAW 208
Law, Laywers and Society
3 Credit points

Unit Guide
Semester 1, Year 2010

Macquarie Law School

Part 1 General information
Unit convenor and teaching staff
Position: Unit Convenor
Name: Therese MacDermott
Phone: 9850 7067
Office: W3A Room 520
Consultation times: Tuesday 1.30pm-3.30pm and other times by appointment Teaching Staff
Name: Lise Barry
Phone: 9850 4237
Office: W3A Room 507
Consultation times: By appointment
Name: Pamela Morgan
Phone: 9850 7100
Office: W3A Room 516
Consultation times: By appointment

Part 2. Academic Contents
Credit Points
3 Credit Points
6cp in LAW units at 100 level (P) or admission to graduate LLB program Unit description
Law 208 consolidates the introduction to legal theory and the practice of law introduced to students in their first year of studies. At the heart of the unit is a discussion about the role of the legal profession in society. Students are introduced to ideas about the practice of law: what is it that lawyers do, what are the ethics and rules governing the practice of law and what are the skills required of lawyers in their dealings with society? The course begins with a general consideration of the perception of lawyers in society and the development of the profession. It then introduces students to the ethics and rules of practice and procedure that frame the professional duties of lawyers. Students will be engaged in discussions and learning activities designed to help them to identify and apply the values, rules and norms that lawyers need to apply in practice. The ethical duties imposed on lawyers, the ethical problems that confront them and the ethical dimensions of the lawyer’s experience; as student, professional and citizen, will be examined. The course will also introduce students to the practical skills required of lawyers in their day to day interactions with society. The communication skills required of lawyers are examined, with an emphasis on listening skills, interviewing skills and cross cultural awareness. Students will be given opportunities to practice these skills in tutorials. Unit outcomes

By the end of the semester, students should be able to:
1. Critically assess the role of the lawyer (and law student) in Australian society 2. Demonstrate an understand of different theoretical approaches to legal ethics and apply their understanding in a range of settings 3. Explain the way that lawyers’ ethics and conduct are regulated in Australia 4. Know the professional conduct standards that regulate lawyers including those relating to conflicts of interest, confidentiality and duties owed to the client, to the court, practitioners and others, and be able to apply them 5. Understand and demonstrate at a basic level the communication skills required in legal practice, especially listening skills, interviewing skills, and cross cultural communication skills.

Graduate capabilities
1. Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills

Our graduates will take with them the intellectual development, depth and breadth of knowledge, scholarly understanding, and specific subject content in their chosen fields to make them competent and confident in their subject or profession. They will be able to demonstrate, where relevant, professional technical competence and meet professional standards. They will be able to articulate the structure of knowledge of their discipline, be able to adapt discipline-specific knowledge to novel situations, and be able to contribute from their discipline to inter-disciplinary solutions to problems.

2. Critical, Analytical and Integrative Thinking

We want our graduates to be capable of reasoning, questioning and analysing, and to integrate and synthesise learning and knowledge from a...
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