Law and Society

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The Role of Law in society
Law has its roots in the very fabric of society from Arabic codes to Genesis. Adam could not intercede for Eve with God and lost everything they had in Eden. Moses was given the ten commandments and the rule of law for the Hebrews was written in stone. For the Arabs, Romans and Greek, codes of law were written by the king’s counselors to ensure an orderly society.

The law guarantees human rights

The role law plays in society is to guarantee the rights of those who are weaker either physically or socially in any given social structure. Laws were enacted by elected representatives of the social group to protect the rights of life and substance from those in a society who would use their prestige, wealth and manipulation of arms to restrict the rights of others

The Law Protects Against Anarchy
Without laws, society would be at the mercy of anarchists whose main mission is to disrupt the orderly progress of a society. Laws are written to be followed and applied equally to all people in a given society to ensure that no one feels abused by his fellow countrymen and to protect members of society from each other. The Guarantee of Law is the Backbone of Organized Societies Examples of law have been found in the most primitive and the most complex societies. People interacting with each other are going to be at odds with each other. In non human societies, the stronger and more dominant member wins In human society, the rule of law protects women and children and men who are not the more dominant, brutal, or aggressive but are also a part of the society.

1.Maintains social control
2.Protects public order
3.To resolve disputes
4.Protects certainty of systems
5.Facilitates orderly change
6.Brings out justice in society
7.Outlines what the government can do and what it cannot do
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