Last Shot Quiz + Answers

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Last Shot QUIZ
1. What contest did Stevie win, in order to get to the final four? A. his dad won ticketsB. his friend gave him his
C. he won the USBWA writing contestD. he didn’t get tickets

2. How many kids won the USBWA?
A. 1B. 2
C. 4D. 7

3. What was the name other the other winner?
A. Susan CarolB. James Witherspoon
C. Dick WeissD. Chip Graber

4. When Stevie and his father arrived at the hotel, was complaining about his room.

5. Susan Carol is a huge fan.

6. The person Stevie gets to follow around is the famous , or as most people know him as Hoops.

7. The four teams that made it to the final four were , , , .

8. Only one team made it to the final four.


9. Stevie felt bad about routing against his team.

10. The championship game was between St. Joe’s and Connecticut.

11. Chip was the star on duke who was the center.

12. Chip Graber made the winning shot against St. Joe’s on the Semifinals.

13. Professor Whiting taught math.


14. How did Stevie and Susan Carol figure out which room was Chip’s suite?

15. Who did Stevie eat dinner with the night before the Semifinals? What did they talk about?

4. Tony Kornhieser
5. Duke
6. Dick Weiss
7. St. Joe’s, Duke, MSU, and Connecticut
8. philly
9. True
10. False, they both lost in the Semifinals
11. False, he played for MSU and was very short
12. True
13. False, he taught business ethics
14. They toke Jerry Ventura room key and found a hotel listing on where the players were in the hotel. 15. Most of the big east coaches and they talked about funny things that happened to them during their coaching experiences.
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