Land and Water Forms: Project Work

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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5.8 Land and water forms

In addition to the material in exercise 1, the ten land and water forms models , a set of cards of the ten major geographical land and water forms, plastic map, water jug, sponge, tray, mat.

Exercise 2 – Matching models and cards

For this exercise 2 pairs of land and water forms are presented at a time for e.g. the teacher decides to present island, lake, peninsular and gulf.

1. Invite the child.
2. Teacher shows the child where the materials are placed and how to carry the materials to the mat. 3. Teacher seats on the child’s dominant hand.
4. Teacher places one of the land and water form model in the centre of the mat and gets the child to pour the water into the model. 5. Teacher asks the child, “Do you remember what is this land and form?” Get the child to place the model at the top left of the mat. 6. Continue with steps 4 & 5 with the 3 remaining land and water form models. 7. Teacher holds the cards and says, “Before we go through the cards, lets go through the names of the land and water forms.” Teacher goes through the names of the land and water forms at the top of the mat. 8. Teacher shows the child one card at a time and reviews the name and a brief description of the model and then gets the child to match it to the land and water form models by saying i.e. “What does brown represent? What does blue represent? When we have a piece of land surrounded by water, we call it an island. Would you like to match this card to the model of an island.?’ 9. Get the child to place the card besides the form.

10. Repeat steps 8 to 9 for the other forms.
11. When the child has finished the exercise, teacher tells the child, “Today, we have done a matching exercise. We have matched the cards to the water and land forms and they are island, lake, peninsula and gulf. On another day, we shall match some more cards to more land and water forms.”

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