Topics: Electric guitar, The Neighbors, Landlord Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Problems With My Apartment

When I was younger, I fantasized about how wonderful life would be when I moved into my own apartment. Now I’m a bit older and wiser, and my dreams have turned into nightmares. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day I signed the lease, I’ve had to deal with an uncooperative landlord, an incompetent janitor, and inconsiderate neighbors.

First of all, my landlord has been uncooperative, all he ever does is bother me about paying my dues before the dead line; I’m getting used to hearing his complains every morning, he either calls me on the phone or shows up in person. Sometimes he even demands more than the usual, his one and only alibi is that prices are overflowing in the market and that others are willing to pay more than me. I’m going through a really tough time right now and my boss had already given me a pay-cut which the landlord doesn’t seem to understand. I wish he wouldn’t be so careless about my current situation but he doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself.

I’ve had a problem not only with my landlord but also with my incompetent janitor who is not taking full responsibility in his work. I always have to cope with the smell of garbage that he forgets to pick up; I’m starting to think he’s doing it on purpose only because he’s not receiving much tips. Moreover, most of the times when I ring him, he’s either sleeping in, out of the building or simply ignoring me. In addition, I avoid inviting friends over so they wouldn’t step on the dirty floors he never cleans. I really hope they replace him soon because I can’t take living in a dump anymore.

Perhaps the worst problem has been with the inconsiderate neighbors who live in the apartment above me. All I ever hear is constant crying from the neighbor’s new born baby; ever since he arrived I haven’t been getting a good night sleep and lately I’ve been suffering from severe headaches. However he’s not the only one who’s...
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