Lady Liberty Book Summary/Lesson Plan

Topics: Statue of Liberty, KWL table, Colmar Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Lady Liberty: A Biography
By Doreen Rappaport

Book Summary:

A powerfully moving, authentic portrait of the Statue of Liberty, told through the eyes of those who created her and illustrated in glorious detail. "Soon America will be one hundred years old. I share my dream of a birthday gift." It begins in 1865 as a romantic idea, but ten years later Édouard Laboulaye’s dream catches fire and takes shape. Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi gives the dream the form of a lady, holding a torch to "enlighten the world." Engineers, plasterers, carpenters, coppersmiths — many of them immigrants — work together to turn the lady into a monument over 100 feet tall. Joseph Pulitzer calls on readers to help fund a pedestal, and hundreds send in nickels, dimes, and even roosters for the cause. Doreen Rappaport’s historically accurate, poetic vignettes and Matt Tavares’s magnificent images remind us of the true origins of a national symbol — and show that it took a lot of people to make the Lady. (

Social Studies Themes:
Freedom, immigration, monument, symbols
Learning Invitations:

Literacy Invitation: KWL chart about the Statue of Liberty
Materials: KWL Charts, copy of book, writing utensils

Social Studies Invitation: Timeline Graphic Organizer
Materials: Timeline Graphic Organizer sheets, copy of book, writing utensils

Teacher Notes:
First, introduce the book to the class, and ask the students to share some things they already know about the Statue of Liberty. Then, show the students the cover of the book and a few illustrations inside the book. Ask the students to make some predictions about the book, and think of some things they would be interested in learning about the Statue of Liberty. Next students will fill out the Know and Want to Know sections of a graphic organizer. Finally, read the book aloud to students and discuss the new information learned. Now the...
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