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LabVIEW® Tutorial Manual

January 1996 Edition Part Number 320998A-01

© Copyright 1993, 1996 National Instruments Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Internet Support

GPIB: DAQ: VXI: LabVIEW: LabWindows: HiQ: E-mail: FTP Site: Web Address: Bulletin Board Support

BBS United States: (512) 794-5422 or (800) 327-3077 BBS United Kingdom: 01635 551422 BBS France: 1 48 65 15 59 FaxBack Support

(512) 418-1111 or (800) 329-7177
Telephone Support (U.S.)

Tel: (512) 795-8248 Fax: (512) 794-5678 or (800) 328-2203
International Offices

Australia 03 9 879 9422, Austria 0662 45 79 90 0, Belgium 02 757 00 20, Canada (Ontario) 519 622 9310, Canada (Québec) 514 694 8521, Denmark 45 76 26 00, Finland 90 527 2321, France 1 48 14 24 24, Germany 089 741 31 30, Hong Kong 2645 3186, Italy 02 48301892, Japan 03 5472 2970, Korea 02 596 7456, Mexico 95 800 010 0793, Netherlands 0348 433466, Norway 32 84 84 00, Singapore 2265886, Spain 91 640 0085, Sweden 08 730 49 70, Switzerland 056 200 51 51, Taiwan 02 377 1200, U.K. 01635 523545 National Instruments Corporate Headquarters

6504 Bridge Point Parkway Austin, TX 78730-5039 Tel: (512) 794-0100

Important Information

The media on which you receive National Instruments software are warranted not to fail to execute programming instructions, due to defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of 90 days from date of shipment, as evidenced by receipts or other documentation. National Instruments will, at its option, repair or replace software media that do not execute programming instructions if National Instruments receives notice of such defects during the warranty period. National Instruments does not warrant that the operation of the software shall be uninterrupted or error free. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from the factory and clearly marked on the outside of the package before any equipment will be accepted for warranty work. National Instruments will pay the shipping costs of returning to the owner parts which are covered by warranty. National Instruments believes that the information in this manual is accurate. The document has been carefully reviewed for technical accuracy. In the event that technical or typographical errors exist, National Instruments reserves the right to make changes to subsequent editions of this document without prior notice to holders of this edition. The reader should consult National Instruments if errors are suspected. In no event shall National Instruments be liable for any damages arising out of or related to this document or the information contained in it. EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED HEREIN, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. CUSTOMER’S RIGHT TO RECOVER DAMAGES CAUSED BY FAULT OR NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT THERETOFORE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM LOSS OF DATA, PROFITS, USE OF PRODUCTS, OR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY THEREOF. This limitation of the liability of National Instruments will apply regardless of the form of action, whether in contract or tort, including negligence. Any action against National Instruments must be brought within one year after the cause of action accrues. National Instruments shall not be liable for any delay in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control. The warranty provided herein does not cover damages, defects, malfunctions, or service failures caused by owner’s failure to follow the National Instruments installation, operation, or maintenance instructions; owner’s modification of the...
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