Labor Code of Kyrgyz Republic

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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O 1)What is labor code?

O 2)Where was the first labor code performed

O 3)Labor code of Kyrgyz Republic

The Labor Code
O The Labor Code - codified legislation (Code)

on labor, is one of the main sources of
employment law. In most cases, the "labor
codes" not named specifically developed
codes of practice, and mechanically
combined laws and government regulations,
adopted at different times.

O The first labor code was performed in

France in 1910
O After world war II labor codes have
proliferated in other countries
O In 1919 was founded ILO & form the
international labor code

O Passed by the Legislative Assembly Jogorku

Kenesh May 25, 2004
O Effective from July 1, 2004 the Law of the
KR dated August 4, 2004 № 107
O Consist from 9 Sections(раздел), 44
chapters(глава) & 446 Articles(статья)

Part I. General provisions
O Chapter 1. Fundamentals (Articles 1 - 12);

Chapter 2. Labor relations. A labor relations.
The grounds of the employment relationship.
The subjects of labor and other relations
(Articles 13 - 21)

O Chapters: 3, 4, 5 ,6
O Articles: (22-52)

Section III. Labor contract
O Chapters: 7-12
O Articles: (53-150)

O chapters: 13-15
O Articles:(151-195)

PART V. Training and
retraining of employees
O Chapter 16
O Articles:(Articles 195 - 208)

O Chapters:17-18
O Articles: (209-272)

O Chapters:19-21
O Articles: (273-291)

O Chapters:22-39
O Articles: (292-397)

O Chapters: 40-44
O Articles: (398-446)