Lab Report Caloric Content of Food

Topics: Energy, Thermodynamics, Heat Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: May 21, 2013
7.1Lab Report- Caloric Content of Food


PURPOSE: In this lab we will have the opportunity to measure the energy in a variety of foods, by heating/burning a portion of the food item and catching the heat released into a known mass of water in a calorimeter. We will also identify units of measuring heat such as calories and joules. We will use basic lab equipment provided in our labpaq and we will use several household items as well. We will follow all safety requirements and standard procedures for this lab.

We learned from the chapter that a “calorie: is a unit of energy, just like a kilowatt-hour or a joule. These units, represent the amount of “heat energy” it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. When we burn the food items and capture the heat in the water, we will use the following formula, our initial and final temperatures and we can calculate the energy released from each food item. FORMULA: Q = ∆?t*m*cp

Q= heat energy absorbed
∆?t = change in temperature ,ーC
m = mass in grams, g
cp = specific heat capacity ( 4.184 j/g ーC for water)

It states clearly that there will be considerable error in this experiment, due to some of the heat given off from the food being burned, and it was absorbed by the glass beaker and some energy escaped into the air. This gave us results that are lower than the accepted values.

After gathering my equipment from the labpaq and required items from my home. I started with my measurements. I first measured my 100mL empty glass beaker on my scale from the labpaq and recorded that in data table 7.1. Next I filled the beaker with 50mL of tap water, I measured the water and the beaker together and recorded those measurements as well. Next, I used my sheet of aluminum foil and placed my burner stand on it and placed my beaker with the water upon the stand and placed my thermometer into the beaker,...
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