Lab Report-

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Energy Pages: 3 (456 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Student's Name Date of Experiment- 11/27/12

Date Report Submitted 11/27/12

Title: Caloric Content of Food

Purpose: to be able to measure the energy content of foods

Procedure: We are going to take food items and burn them to heat water to be able to determine the amount of “energy” a food source can emit.

Data Tables:

|Data Table 1: Food Item - Observations | |Food Item Description: |Marshmallow |Peanut / Walnut |Potato Chip | |Mass of food & holder – initial |40.2g |18.0g |15g | |Mass of food & holder – final |38.6g |16.0g |12.5g | |Mass of food burnt |1.6g |2g |2.5g | |Mass of beaker |66.5g |66.4g |66.5g | |Mass of beaker & water |107.2g |108.2g |108.2g | |Mass of water |40.7g |41.8g |41.7g | |Water temp. – initial |23 C |22 C |22 C | |Water temp. – final |31 C |72 C |32 C | |Delta T (oC change) |8 C |50 C |10 C |

Observations: The observations are noted above. Found it very interesting that...
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