Lab Report

Topics: Sodium hydroxide, Chemistry, Sodium Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: November 6, 2012
To check whether mass is gained or lost during a Chemical reaction.


Equipments and Materials
Eye protection
Test tube
250 ml Erlenmeyer flask and stopper
Weight Balance
Antacid tablet
Dilute solutions of
oSodium Hydroxide, NaOH(aq)
oIron(III) Nitrate, Fe(NO3)3

1.Put eye protection on for safety purposes.
Part A: Reaction between Iron(III) Nitrate and Sodium Hydroxide. 2.Take two cylinders and fill one (full) with sodium hydroxide solution and other with Iron(III) nitrate solution. 3.Pour suitable amount (around 50 ml) of sodium hydroxide from the cylinder using a funnel into a Erlenmeyer flask. 4.Take a test tube and fill it half with the iron(III) nitrate solution from the cylinder with the use of a funnel. 5.Place the test tube containing iron(III) nitrate solution into the Erlenmeyer flask containing sodium hydroxide solution. Do not allow the test tube content to spill. 6.Seal the flask with the stopper.

7.Measure and record the total mass of the flask and its contents. 8.Slowly tilt the flask sideways to allow the two solutions to mix. 9.Measure and record the total mass of the flask and all its contents.

Part B : Antacid Tablet in water
1.Take a Erlenmeyer flask and fill it half with water.
2.Take an antacid tablet out of its package.
3.Place the tablet and the flask containing water on the balance scale. Record the mass of the flask, water, and the tablet. 4.Add the tablet to the water and record your observation.
5.When the reaction has come to a stop, measure and record the total mass of the flask and its contents.

Reaction 1Reaction 2
Predicted mass change: decrease, no change or increaseNo changeDecrease Initial mass of reactants + container(g)240.2g174.7g
Final mass of products + container (g)240.2g174.16g
Change in mass( final- initial) (g)0g0.54g
Observed changes in mass: decrease, no change or increase?...
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